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Until the world ends, nothing is the end of the world.

Focus on the details but don't lose sight of the bigger picture. Life is for living; it's about living one day at a time. Can't change the past, can't predict the future, so do what you can with the moment at hand. It isn't about what you're doing next. It's about what you're doing now.


Heath Ledger is what?


Happy Birthday, delfeus!!! XD


Happy Birthday, akerushin~~~~~!! ^_______^

Meme things

Shiny new icon from Amiko, which I will stare at until I am inspired to write. >>;

One ganked from Stace S, the other from......... nowhere.

The Ships Meme

Six Ships I Like:
1. Crawford/Schuldig (Weiß Kreuz)
2. Schuldig/Farfarello (WK)
3. Farfarello/Crawford (WK)
4. Schuldig/Aya-chan (WK)
5. Farf/Aya-chan (WK)
6. Kyouya/Tamaki (Ouran)

Three Ships I’ve Abandoned:
7. Crawford/Ran (WK)
8. Schuldig/Ken (WK)
9. Aya/Ken (WK)

Three Ships I’ve Never Liked:
10. Omi/Nagi (WK)
11. Mori/Hunny (Ouran)
12. Quatre/Trowa (GW)

Two Ships That Have Piqued My Interest:
13. Schuldig/Tot
14. Schuldig/Sakura

Questions about the ShipsCollapse )

The Fic Writers' Meme

A little meme for writers---or readers, if they can twist the questions enough to answer from a reader's perspective. Something to do when you're bored, or whatnot. Try not to use the same fic twice!

clickiesCollapse )

Project Download

Firstly, if you're on this journal and the mami-san one, sorry, because I'm going to be posting this there, too.

Found this through dhaunea. She trusts it as genuine, and anything that Truth will trust is something I take as true. Woman's really hard to convince, and all, and I trust her judgment in general.


Project Download. This is a charity thing of a sort, but it's not asking you to donate any money. Yeah? It's not asking you to donate money, so don't get squeamish. I'd rather play believer and try than huff and be skeptical and refuse to download a simple text document that could make a serious difference in a lady's life.

Quoted from Truth, with hopes she doesn't mind me copy-pasting:

"The short version is that there is a girl suffering from medical problems who needs a lot of money, but feels skeezy asking for it... so she set up a megaupload account where you can download a document which tells you a little about her. If she gets 5 million hits in two months, megaupload will give her ten thousand dollars - enough to easily cover the deposit on her surgery. One hit per IP address per day, thank you."

Here's the full story, and the link: Here

Thanks, yeah?
For the record, I made it home alive. ^^

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